Activities and Education

All our children have many opportunities through both child-led and adult-led activities to learn through their play.

This ongoing development is further enhanced as we follow the guidelines set down by the governments Early Years Foundation Stage commonly referred to as the EYFS. These guidelines were mandatory from September 2008.

Busikids Nursery Manager, Charlotte Angel, ensures that all updates are understood and implemented by our professional team of nursery practitioners and that they also attend regular training sessions and staff meetings. This then ensures continuous provision for all the children.

Each room has its own way of planning that incorporates observations for all the children to help assess their progress and to plan for their next steps. Working this way ensures that all children are given tailored opportunities to aid their further development in all areas of their learning.

Each child's progress is also individually tracked to ensure that their needs are being met and they are achieving as much as they can. The children's interests and home life are incorporated into the curriculum wherever possible. We teach this through the materials and resources we use and also invite other professionals to talk to the children as well as going out and about on walks.

We also ensure that the planning reflects a variety of religions and cultures, local communities and the much wider world.

We use as system called IConnect and ParentZone to keep parents informed of their child's daily activities and progress, with observations and photographs. This is also a record of achievements and shows the child's progress through the various areas of development.

Regular Parent's evenings are also held for one to one time with your child's key worker to allow a relaxed time to be able to discuss your child without the pressures of drop off and pick up time.

The Role of the Keyworker

Each child attending Busikids is allocated a key worker. While all staff will participate in the care of your child, the named key worker has a special responsibility towards your child. The key worker role includes the following:

Welcoming you and your child to Busikids and introducing you to other members of staff, parents and children.

Working closely with you and your child during introductory visits and the settling in period to form a close bond of trust and calm

Informing you of details of your child’s day at Busikids.

Discussing concerns that you or the nursery staff may have in relation to your child.

Building a relationship with you and your child during your time at Busikids.

In addition to sharing daily information with you, key workers are also responsible for maintaining a confidential record of your child’s development. You are welcome to see this information, at any time, and will be encouraged to participate and share information about your child with their key worker.

We also operate a ‘buddy’ system, so if your key worker is away you still have a ‘go to’ person

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As part of our Education and activities we bring in the local Pyjama Drama team who have a huge range of different songs and accessories that the children of all ages through the nursery benefit from.

It is always lovely to see different faces within Busikids and to see the children grow with confidence and join in more and more, then there are the children who will happily dance the day away with little encouragement too, it is always good for the regular staff team to be able join in and play with the children whilst learning new songs too.