We ask parents to contact us a few weeks before their child is due to start attending Busikids to arrange settling in visits for both their child and themselves. We offer a minimum of two, one hour, visits and are happy to offer further visits as necessary to help settling in.

For the first visit we expect the parent/s to attend with their child to enable them to have a chat with their key worker to discuss all those little things that are so important in their child's day, from normal routines to their likes and dislikes, any ailments or allergies and any other relevant issues.

On the second visit we expect parents to leave their child in our care, for up to an hour, to play and familiarise themselves with their play area, key worker and other staff. 

If possible we ask the visits are not around the child’s sleep or meal times, as it will make it easier for the child to settle if they are well fed and rested. 

If two visits are felt to be sufficient the child will start attending regularly shortly after the last visit, otherwise further visits will be arranged to ensure both the child and parents are comfortable.

Supporting transitions in the nursery

Busikids support all children in the nursery with any transitions they may be encountering. If the transition is due to occur within the nursery, for example moving to a new room, Busikids staff fully support each child through this process in the following ways:

  • When each child is due to move play area, decided by their age and stage of readiness, we work with parents to ensure this move is a seamless process in which the child is fully supported.
  • Parents are introduced to their next key worker and staff team prior to the first visit and given a room booklet with details of the staff who care for the children here.
  • Each child will spend short sessions in their new room before they move permanently, this enables them to feel comfortable within their new surroundings and with their new friends.
  • The child’s key worker will accompany the children on these initial visits to enable a familiar person to be present, especially if the child is unsettled.
  • Wherever possible groups of friends will be moved into key worker groups at similar times to enable these friendships to be kept intact and support the children with the peers they know.
  • Parents will be kept informed of all visits and the outcomes of these sessions during handovers through photographs, discussions or diary entries.
  • The current key worker will have a hand-over with the next key worker, to inform them of the child’s likes/dislikes, favourite activities, stage of development and routine, in order that the child may settle more quickly.
  • If a child requires extra support after having ‘taster’ sessions, this will be discussed between the key workers, parents, manager and room supervisor, and a settling in plan formulated.