Monkey Playroom - for children aged from 24 to 36 months

The "Monkey Playroom" occupies the whole of the middle of the ground floor of the main house and is lovely and light and airy with the double doors leading to the patio and garden whilst at the other end the large bay window looks over the front drive, with the cars and deliveries coming and going.

The minimum staff ratio here is one adult to four children.

The Room Supervisor Amy is thoroughly enjoying her new post, following internal promotion and is  very adept at staying one step ahead of these bright and lively children with the help of her dedicated team.

Within this room there is always a home corner that changes as the children have different ideas and experiences, from being a library, to a tea shop or hairdressers, it is so much fun!

We also have table top play and tummy time, (floor play) which could be puzzles, threading and creative play, then there are the books and stories, construction, so many activities, far too many to list here, plus the easy access to the lovely garden and patio area allowing for plenty of fresh air and even more activities to promote sociability, learning and coordination and independence to name but a few.

Adjacent to this room are the facilities for nappy changing, potty training and little children's toilets, so important, now that this is becoming an integral part of the development of these children.

The Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines continue to be implemented, ensuring that each child is given every opportunity to reach their full potential whilst having fun, feeling secure, loved and cared for throughout each and every day.