Penguin Playroom - for children aged from 16 months to 24 months +

This is a lovely, light open space for our bigger babies allowing for even greater freedom of movement and ease of access to the outside areas now that these little children are so much more mobile and practicing their independence.

Here the minimum staff ratio is one adult to three children.

Our Room Supervisor Michaela who has been with us over six years, has a great understanding of these little children and continually comes up with new and original ideas, along with the input of her great team, to keep all the children occupied, learning and loved at all times through their busy days.

Cuddles remain a very important part of the day as well as messy creative activities, music, dancing and stories all of which encourage the children’s rapid grasp of the spoken word, whilst having a good rapport with parents enables a good understanding of all the children’s individual needs.

Here the children's day is more structured than the younger babies, due to their growing communication skills and mobility, for example the children are now expected to sit at the tables all together for meals and some activities and most have a sleep after lunch all at the same time.

Plenty of opportunities are given throughout the day for the children to choose their own activities and toys. Outside play is also very important and the children are wrapped up against the elements in the winter and covered in sun cream and hats in the summer to ensure that they are able to play outside every day.