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Welcome to Busikids website where you will find plenty of relevant, interesting information about who we are, what we do and how we do it.

First and foremost we love, care and nurture your children at all times, your child will benefit from great social interactions in a friendly, fun environment with a never ending supply of varied learning opportunities supporting all areas of their development.

Our philosophy at Busikids is that we believe children are at their best growing and learning when they feel secure, loved and are having fun.

We continually strive to provide an environment that enables each child to reach their full potential as we work hard to nurture every child's emotional, intellectual and physical well-being by providing direct experiences for the children, creating opportunities for exploration, experimentation and education with the emphasis being on Learning through Play. 

The current term for this is  Continuous Provision, this is practiced throughout the whole nursery based on the fundamentals set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage guidance (EYFS) as laid down by the government and supported by Ofsted.

We believe that early childhood is the foundation upon which we build the rest of our lives – it is not just preparation for the next step, but is vitally important in itself.

Here at Busikids we have been providing dedicated childcare for children aged from 3 months to five years old since we first opened in 1997. The Nursery and pre-school are easily accessible from many localities in and around Hedge End, Bursledon and Hamble as we are within very easy reach of both the M27 (Junction 7) and the A27 Kanes Hill, just off the roundabout.

We are very proud of our experienced staff team, some of whom have been with us from our early days and all of whom are dedicated to their roles of caring for your little ones.

Once you have had a good look at our website please use the menu above to follow the links for more information, or just use the details at the bottom of each page to contact us directly to request our information pack, book an appointment and/or to come and have a look around Busikids for yourselves.


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Links to videos of all our different areas:-

Penguin Room Up

Penguin Room Down

Monkey Room

Pre-school Rooms

Garden for All

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