More Information

Securing a place for your child at Busikids

Once you have chosen Busikids for your child, we just ask you to complete a registration form and pay a one off fee of £50 to secure your booking.

Charlotte, the Nursery Manager will then send you confirmation of your place and a receipt of the fee paid, if applicable.

You will also receive a parent contract to read and sign, an information and medical form to complete regarding details about your child and a parent handbook for your information.

We like the completed forms to be returned to us as soon as possible, or brought along to the settling visit if you are starting with us quite quickly, to ensure we keep records up to date.

We will then contact you close to the date of your child starting at nursery to discuss and arrange your settling in visits, which will be made with your allocated key worker.

Please see more about  Settling visits

Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club has proven to be a hit and so we will be continuing to offer this service. If you would be interested in this as an additional option, please let us know.

This is from 7.30 am to 8 am every morning at a cost of £4.00 per child, this will include a choice of two or three cereals or toast with butter and/or Marmite, milk or water will be offered to drink.

We are very excited to be able to offer this service as we are aware of the increasing demands made on our parents by the work place and also that the morning traffic situation never seems to improve, so hopefully this choice of an earlier start will be very helpful to many of our families, old and new.

Your first day at Busikids

For your child’s first day at nursery you may need: a supply of nappies, wipes and any nappy creams used. You can bring this in on your child’s visits, or on their first day.

If your child is having breakfast at 8am you will need to bring this in a labelled container for cereal we operate a no nuts and no chocolate policy at Busikids, or bread for toast, ideally breakfast is offered before

8.30 am except in the Penguin room.

As with the nappies and wipes you can bring in their breakfast daily or in the packet.

Any milk or formula, or meals (if weaning) they may be having that is different from ours, will need to be labelled, dated and in a sealed container.

All the items below will also be required, along with any clean, labelled comforters.


Simple clothing children can manage themselves enables children to gain their independence and confidence more easily and to enable them to put on and take off their outdoor clothes as independently as possible.

Many of the activities we provide are “messy” and although aprons are worn accidents still happen.

We therefore ask that children are ‘dressed for mess’ rather than in their ‘best’ clothes.

We ask you to provide at least one full change of clothes every day (more if they are potty training).

Weather appropriate clothes are a necessity please.

During the summer months we also ask for sun hat and (Busikids will supply Nivea sun cream, SPF 50), and during the winter month’s boots, scarf, coats, hat and gloves.

It is important to be positive when leaving your child. Anxieties you may be feeling may be detected by your child which will not aid settling in.

The nursery team work hard to be aware of problems a parent and child can experience during initial separation and are here to help you through this period. To make the transition between nursery and home easier during the first few weeks at nursery we would ask you to arrive at the nursery with enough time to give staff a hand over with details of your child’s current well-being and behaviour.