The September following your child's 4th Birthday is an exciting time, their next big steps will be taken and they will start their transition to 'Big' School. Here at Busikids we want to make that transition as easy and smooth as possible.

On this page you will find plenty of useful information with regards to what you need to do when considering your child's primary/infant school, information from Hampshire County Council about how to apply for your child's school place, what we are doing here at Busikids and what you can do at home to assist with School Readiness and any other useful information we have.

During your child’s last term at preschool, we liaise closely with the relevant schools to invite them into the setting to visit the children, we try wherever possible, to send the key person into the school when the children attend one of their settling visits, attend any meetings and keep everyone informed. We will also introduce subtle additions into the curriculum which relate not only to starting school, but also add some personl touches such as uniform from some of the feeder schools in the dressing up area, and booklets featuring communal areas of schools in the book corner.

It is important not to overwhelm children with any thoughts of starting school, as while this will be an exciting time for some, for others, it will be quite a scary thought. We will be very careful to be aware of, and take into consideration, every child’s feelings.

Listed below are a few links to some of the local schools: