Meals and Menus

The children are provided with a healthy snack in the mornings and a hot, freshly prepared lunch and pudding.  In the afternoons the children are offered a light snack of rice crackers or breadsticks and fruit with milk or water to keep them going until tea time. For tea all the children will, again, have a freshly prepared meal with a desert. 

Meals are served whilst the children are sitting at properly laid tables as we teach and encourage, from an early age, the rudiments of good manners at all mealtimes.  The staff team sit at the tables also as role models to encourage these good traits and for morning snack and afternoon tea, staff are able to join in eating with the children having their own healthy snack and drink engaging with the children promoting good table habits, encouraging children to serve themselves and pour their own drinks when they reach pre-school.

The local supermarkets and butchers are used for our supplies and we have fresh deliveries from local suppliers for all our fresh vegetables and fruit. 

We are able to cater for children with a variety of dietary needs, from allergies to nuts, strawberries, wheat, milk and eggs, etc and also to a  diabetic diet and vegetarian, vegan preferences, please do contact us to discuss your child's dietary needs as we can be very flexible and aim to help as much as possible.

We have a carefully planned three-weekly rota of menus that change with the seasons, a selection of which can be viewed here.

Summer Menu 2023