Outside Environments

Here at Busikids we have a really lovely, well tended, large, natural and secure garden. Click here for the video.

The children are able to explore through the shrubbery, under the big apple tree and down to the play house and ‘wild’ bamboo area where they can hunt for bears (or creepy crawlies), build dens and generally have a wonderful time out in the fresh air at all times of the year in all weathers.

We have a 'construction area' with different materials and stones for building and digging and a permanent sandpit, age appropriate climbing frames, mud kitchen plus so much more.

Our large patio area, with its soft surface, is an ideal place for the children to play, we bring the indoor environment out so we can experiment with chalk and water or have stories and snack time out here, a very versatile place!!

There are lots of small, cosy spaces in and around the garden. These provide the ideal space for deep and meaningful conversations between the children, a chance to have good chat, grab a book, or just simply go to have some time to their selves or with a friend. We have the bamboo den, the shrubbery area around the tree, arches and self-made dens, just to name a few. It is important to be able to offer this opportunity to the children, as it will play a big part in supporting their communication and language development, and their social and emotional development.

The garden is always being developed, we plant tomatoes and lettuce and beans, the children are very involved and watch what is growing and can study and eat the produce (if the slugs and snails don't get it first)!