Ages and Stages

Play Areas

We have four main indoor areas within the Nursery, all specially equipped for the different aged children - each play room has a dedicated carpeted area, an area of waterproof flooring - ideal for meal-times and creative/table top activities, plus a quiet area with floor cushions for cuddles, stories and rest times. 

Duckling Play Room

This is where our youngest babies are loved and cared for aged from 3 months to approximately 17 months old.  There are different rooms for sleep, nappy changing and a dedicated kitchen.

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Penguin Room

This is a lovely area where we care for our older babies who are generally now toddling.  

They will be aged from around 17 months to 24 months old.

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 Monkey Room

Our Monkey Play Room is right in the middle of the house downstairs and is ideal for easy access to the outside. 

 This is where we care for all our 2-3-year-old children.  

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Pre-schoolGiraffe Room 

Our children have a large dedicated space here, with their own entrance and plenty of access to the outside, children are aged from 3 to nearly 5 when they are ready to go to Big School.

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