Ducklings - Babies aged from 3 months to 16 months +

The Duckling room is situated upstairs in the house, right next to the office, (very handy for that extra pair of hands or two!).  Being upstairs does not prevent our smallest children going out to enjoy the garden and patio every day, no matter the weather (within reason that is!), it gives us chance to help them all up and down.

The minimum staff ratio here is one adult to three children and we are able to care for up to twelve babies at any one time.

Our Room Supervisor Toni and her team create care routines that are adapted to each individual need of these little children whilst also encouraging them to play, listen, learn and have fun.

This light and airy area is a lovely open plan space, divided only by the flooring, it is mostly carpet, but also has a large area of safety flooring where we have our meals and plenty of 'messy' play such as sand, gloop, water, and many other activities. 

There are a huge range of appropriate toys, equipment and books, that can be chosen by the babies to play with and investigate, we also  rotate the resources to ensure there is always something different on offer alongside access to messy play, sand and water and so much more. 

There is a separate 'milk kitchen' adjoining the play area where bottles are heated and meals prepared.  We also have a separate nappy changing area and also a spacious, separate, dedicated sleep room that allows us to have individual cots for the babies, so each child can sleep in 'their own' cot at sleep times.

Every effort is made on a daily basis to ensure that parents’ wishes and routines are adhered to as much as is possible within the nursery setting, whilst your baby is loved, cuddled and cared for.