Pre-School, or our Giraffe Playroom for children ages Three years to Five years old

Our lovely dedicated Pre-School offers many varied and interesting opportunities for all these 'big' children.  There is a dedicated messy / creative play room that allows the children to return to a project if they wish after other activities or meals.  There is also easy access out to the patio and garden through the two sets of double doors, with electric sun awnings, that are also useful for keeping the damp off!

The minimum staff ratio is one adult to eight children; we aim to keep this ratio down to one adult to seven children.

Michaela, our experienced Room Supervisor, works closely with her enthusiastic team, ensuring that all the children get all the love and cuddles needed as well as many learning opportunities throughout the day.

The children are encouraged to play freely and choose their own activities for a good part of the day and also have structured activities such as 'small group time' consisting of two to three activities. These activities will usually be chosen by the staff, related to their planning, where the children have the opportunity to work and play together, with the guidance of a grown up, to enable the enhancement, learning and enjoyment of each activity. The garden is also a great resource for these children who will be  found outside every day, come rain or shine (within reason that is)!

The Early Years Foundation Stage Guidelines are followed with each child in this area to further the children’s learning and to encourage development, this is continued through to the end of reception year at school.

Free Flow

This is when the children are able to choose their own activities, indoors or out and can make up their own games and stories and choose what they want to play with, adults are still very much a part of this but it is the children who have the opportunities to take the initiative.

This is only a taster as there is so much going on in the Pre-school, a visit is recommended and we can then explain the planning to meet the next steps of development for each individual child.

Ice Play,

children are working out how to melt the ice to find the things inside